. TR The Department of Regional Planning is the best place to contact with questions about zoning.

These zone classifications are established, in order to permit a variety of housing and population densities with minimum conflict.

160D-703 (b) provides that property may only be placed in a conditional zoning district “in response to a petition by all of the owners of the property to be included.

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. Dimensional requirements for lots, parcels or other tracts of land which are zoned a mixture of RC and another zone classification: In instances where Resource Corridor boundaries split existing lots parcels or tracts of land, the subject property may be subdivided into lots meeting the minimum lot area and width requirements of the zoning classification of the property not classified as.

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Active Districts.

Some select updates to the East San Gabriel Valley zoning map are intended to accommodate future housing needs mandated by State Housing Law and land uses proposed as part of the East San Gabriel Valley Area Plan.

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They are distinguished by building placement and height.